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ONLINE PEER REVIEW and FEEDBACK ON the CRITIQUE AUTHOR:____________________________________ TITLE:______________________________________ REVIEWER:___________________________________ Please give the writer some feedback based on the following prompts: 1. Does the introduction to this piece contain both the paper’s and the  writer’s theses? Are they clearly stated? Suggest a way to improve them. 2. Does the summary contain all stages of thought? If there is any one  missing, indicate so to the writer. 3. Did the writer evaluate the article according to the guidelines (i.e. 
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Unformatted text preview: accuracy, significance, clarity, fair use and interpretation of information, and logical reasoning) learned in class? Is there any relevant aspect not addressed? Name and/or explain it. 4. How does the writer develop each paragraph in the evaluation section? Is there a topic sentence that clearly identifies the positive or negative aspect to be evaluated? Is such aspect explained and supported with examples from the text? 5. What are the strengths of this essay?...
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