Developing the research project

Developing the research project - 1. Develop an annotated...

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W R I T I N G T H E R E S E A R C H P A P E R I – Developing a research question 1. Find a subject 2. Consider different ISSUES 3. Develop a research question II - Locating Sources 1. Conduct preliminary research (Res. Ex. # 1) 2. Continue focusing the issue through research  (Res. Ex. # 2) 2. Refine your research question 3. Conduct focused research (Res. Ex. # 3) III – Mining Sources                
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Develop an annotated bibliography 3. Evaluate sources 4. Take notes from sources 5. Develop an outline and arrange notes according to outline IV Drafting; Citing Sources 1. Write your draft 2. Avoid plagiarism 3. Cite sources (in-text and final) 4. Title the paper V - Revising (Res. Ex. # 4, Ex # 5) VI Editing (Res. Ex. # 4, Ex # 5)...
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