Exercise _2- Research NEW

Exercise _2- Research NEW - English 101- Library Research...

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English 101- Library Research Exercise # 2 The purpose of this exercise is to give you practice finding information in books from the stack s at Fenwick or other Mason University Libraries. It will take many steps for you to actually obtain the information you need. Read the GMU Basic Guide to Research (blackboard) and have it handy because some of the instructions below will point you to specific pages in it. As with Research Exercise #1, you may have to repeat some of the steps in this exercise several times before you finish. Again, as you complete this exercise, observe, discover and take note of the Fenwick Library environment for future experiences. This exercise will give you practice developing and using search statements based on your topic (pages 2-4 in the Guide ) applying, adjusting and redirecting search strategies as necessary using bibliographies to find information distinguishing the difference between a book citation and an article citation (page 9 in the Guide ) finding articles in the Fenwick Library (page 9 in the Guide ) 1. Re-state your topic, issue, and your research question: a) TOPIC------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ b) ISSUE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- c) RESEARCH QUESTION------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Find in your computer the library website ( library.gmu.edu). Search the Library Catalog to find books on your topic using the Keyword option. ( Guide 7-10) OR , try to follow through a relevant reference you obtained while completing Research Exercise #1. In other words, get the name of an author and/or the title of a text relevant to your research topic from the sources/ bibliography you photocopied in Res. Ex. # 1, 4. If you follow this latter path, find a book using the Author or Title options. If you have decided to change your topic after completing Res. Ex. # 1, please re-do the
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Exercise _2- Research NEW - English 101- Library Research...

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