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TEXTBOOK AND CONNECT INFORMATION The online homework software program known as Connect is required for the class. A code to register for access to the online homework and quizzes comes with each NEW textbook. If a textbook is purchased used, the student will need to purchase the Connect software from the website listed below. Another option for students would be to purchase the code for Connect and an ebook. The student would not need to purchase a textbook if an ebook is purchased. To learn about these options, and to log-in to Connect and register, use the following website:
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Unformatted text preview: http://connect.mcgraw-hill.com/class/c_hylton_spring_2011_wed_noon McGraw-Hill Irwin, the publisher, has a number to call if you have trouble when registering, or using Connect. They handle all technical issues. (800)331-5094. In summary, a student can acquire Connect one of the following ways: 1. Purchase a new textbook. A code for Connect comes with the textbook. 2. Purchase a used textbook. Purchase a code for Connect from the publisher. 3. Purchase a code for Connect and the ebook, called ConnectPlus, from the publisher....
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