spanish 275 midterm notes

spanish 275 midterm notes - SPANISH 275 final exam 1...

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SPANISH 275 final exam 1 Preterite -past actions -end quickly -doesn’t matter length/number of times of action -viewed as complete -can refer to end or beginning Imperfect -past actions -no beginning or end -not viewed as complete -backround/description -don’t specify number of times/how long -repeated/customary actions -there was/were -emotional/mental/physical states -sudden reactions -time of day, season soler = generally, usually; used in present/imperfect acabar de + infinitive = have/has/had just done something por poco + present verb = almost + past tense verb Ser -to be -origin, ownership, material, destination -to take place/happen (EVENT) -impersonal expressions (time of day, season, month) -passive voice -characteristics -social group, profession, religion Estar -to be -location -progressive tense -condition/state of subject -subjective characteristic (to look, feel, seem, act) To know Saber- how to do something, information; preterite=learned, found out Saber+infinitive=to know how
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SPANISH 275 final exam 2 Saber(se) de memoria= to know very well, to know by heart Conocer- to be acquainted/familiar with, to recognize (reconocer); preterite= met Special Time Constructions Hace + time + que + present/present progressive Danielle hace 3 anos que estudia/esta estudiando espanol Danielle has been studying Spanish for 3 years Present/present progressive + (desde) hace + period of time Danielle estudia/esta estudiando desde hace 3 anos Present llevar + time + gerund Danielle lleva 3 anos estudiando espanol *Began in past, continues in present Hacía + time + que + imperfect/progressive imperfect Hacia 3 anos que hablaba/estaba hablado con mi madre It had been three years when I talked to my mom Imperfect llevar + time + gerund Llevaba 3 anos no hablando con mi madre cuando me llamó *Everything in past Subjunctive Emotion Temo que Kristen no venga a mi casa Uncertainty No creer, dudar, no estar seguro de, negar, restirse a creer Dudo que mi professor duerma a noche Denial Mi madre negaba que su hijo hubiera roto la ventana May, might, should
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spanish 275 midterm notes - SPANISH 275 final exam 1...

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