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REAT B OOKS 191 F 2010 F INAL E XAM G UIDE Part I: Passages for IDENTIFICATION (50%) Choose FOUR of SIX passages 1. Euripides Bacchae , 503-507 A: Seize him. He is mocking me and Thebes. B: I give you sober warning, fools: place no chains on me . A: But I say: chain him. And I am the stronger here. B: You do not know the limits of your strength. You do not know what you do. You do not know who you are. Speaker A: Dionysus Speaker B: Pentheus Brief context: Here, Dionysus appears to be mocking the Thebian way of life, with his excessive displays of love and ecstasy. Pentheus, the leader in Thebes, fears that Dionysus is corrupting the women of his land, and furthermore, that he makes a mockery of them. That being said, Peentheus fails to recognize that the stranger is a god, and as a god, he can easily escape from any chains that Pentheus puts him in. Significance to the poem as a whole: comment on the passage with attention to the following elements as relevant : narrative, major themes, poetic devices, significant word choice, imagery, characterization. Pentheus is unable to conquer the wrath of Dionysus. This exchange proves a microcosm of the larger theme of the Bacchae, that the line between humanity and divinity is never to be crossed. Because human’s dared question Dionysus, a god, Dionysus’s exaggerated anger leads to the destruction of Thebes. By commenting on the “limits” of Pentheus’ strength, he further coments
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Final+Exam+guide - GREAT BOOKS 191 F 2010 FINAL EXAM GUIDE...

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