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Women’s Studies/American Culture 295: Sexuality in Western Culture Study Guide for Final Exam Fall 2010 L ECTURE : S EXUAL M ODERNISM What were the three key tenets of sexual modernism? 1.Sexual experience is not a drain on vital energy or a threat to morality 2.Society should broaden the range of acceptable sexual behavior 3.“Normal” women have (hetero)sexual desire In what ways did these ideas differ from the prevailing sexual morality of the Victorian era? o Sex as “ever wonderful ever lovely” not just procreation… o Importance of woman’s desire, companionship and intimacy When did sexual modernism first emerge? about 1890 Who were some of the key sexual modernists during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century? o D.H. Lawrence (Lady Chatterley’s Lover ) o James Joyce (Portrait of An Artist as a Young Man , Ulysses) o Gertrude Stein o Margaret Sanger (Birth control advocate) o Dr. Havelock Ellis (Studies in the Psychology of Sex) …scholarly o Dr. Sigmund Freud (unconscious, Oedipal complex) L ECTURE : H AVELOCK E LLIS What was Havelock Ellis’ nationality, and what was his profession? o English …Saw himself as a scholar, scientist and healer (he had a large London practice) What did he publish, and when? o Studies in the Psychology of Sex ; 6 volumes;1897-1910 What were the three principles that informed Ellis’ work? 1. Pro Sex —abstinence is unhealthy and companionship and intimacy are good! 2. Legitimation of male homosexuality and masturbation : Sexual Inversion (1897) - male inversion=harmless; innate/cannot be cured-cannot be punished…male homosexuality almost BETTER (more artistic, like color hearing ) and a harmless defect, like color blindness Auto-Eroticism (1899)- masturbation does not cause disease (we’d all be sick)…perversions like S/M, fetishism etc = “erotic symbolisms” of man’s own paradise (DE-STIGMATIZED) 3. Normal Women Have (Hetero)sexual Desire… center of women’s sexuality is clitoris/vagina (NOT the uterus) AND women are just as interested in sex as men (just slower to arousal)
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Why did Ellis “invent” the concept of foreplay? o invented the concept of “foreplay” – men should adjust to women’s slower arousal by stimulating them before intercourse What kind of feminism did Ellis espouse? o claims to agree with feminist goals…but emphasized women’s special role as mother and nurturer… goal of feminism should be gaining recognition for women’s special needs o Questioned the femininity of feminists who downplayed menstruation, pregnancy and mothering L ECTURE : S IGMUND F REUD What was Sigmund Freud’s nationality, and what was his profession? o
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WS final SG - Womens Studies/American Culture 295:...

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