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Obama'sspeechENG202 - January 26th 2011 Barack Obamas...

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January 26 th , 2011 Barack Obama’s Tucson Speech President Barack Obama’s speech in Tucson was greatly appraised by the audience. It is very good that at the beginning of the speech Obama tells about the tragedy in a very nice and gentle way (On Saturday Morning…) because this is the “version” of the story that will be remembered since this speech will be read by many in the future. Then, Obama builds the speech by telling the individual stories of six people who lost their lives. Obama makes each of the character relatable so the audience can share the sorrow of their families and consider them as their family (as he says “American family”). He selects specific, proud moments from these people’s lives to tell their stories and by doing so he also uncovers his main themes of the speech. For example, one of the major themes in the speech is to become better people in our “private lives” and
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