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Tuesday, August 31, 2010 Intro to Sociology Notes Science is a way of identifying what is real. Connection between sociology & science: sociology develops theories about people, groups, etc, and tests them using systematic research. Why study sociology? Learn how people function, to get a better understanding of society, so we can have effective policies, learn how different groups and cultures interact. Clarify “reality.” The Sociological Perspective: (sociological imagination) offers a fresh look @ familiar worlds; opens a window to unfamiliar social worlds. Paradigm: a way of thinking, you don’t even question your own values, when you suddenly discover there is a new way of looking at an issue it ‘bumps you
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Unformatted text preview: out of your paradigm.” A model of framework for observation and understanding that shapes both what we see and what we believe. 1) Symbolic interaction theory a. Micro-level; people use symbols to interact (i.e. language is a set of symbols, facial expressions.) b. Erving Goffman – came up with stage theory to explain social interactions/behavior. He looks at the symbols people use while interacting. 2) Structure-function theory a. Similarly to an organism, if society is to function smoothly all the parts must work together in harmony. If there is a part that is not functional, that is when society has a dysfunction. 3) Conflict theory...
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