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October 14, 2010 Intro to Sociology When you think about the leader of a group, what characteristics make her/him a good leader? Confidence Someone who influences the behaviors, opinions, r attitudes of others An instrumental leader- keeps the group moving toward its goals. An expressive leader- lifts the group’s morale Authoritarian leader- gives orders Democratic leaders- tries to gain consensus Laissez-faire leaders- is highly permissive. Social Deviance: How do you define deviant? Something that is different; often viewed as something
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Unformatted text preview: negative but sociologists dont look at it that way. Deviance is a violation of norms, socially defined behaviors. It is not the act itself, but the reactions to the act, that makes something deviant. What are examples of behaviors considered deviant in all groups or cultures? o Incest; murder (when its viewed as murder , as opposed to sacrifice, punishment, etc.) What causes deviance? o Psychological problems, being oppressed and as a rebellion, boredom, different ways of being socialized....
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