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September 20 - technically socialized by the wolves She ran...

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September 20, 2010 Intro to Sociology- Test in ONE WEEK. Go to webpage and download study guide & sample questions. Over first 3 chapters. Socialization The process of learning the values, goals, norms, etc. Process of learning the characteristics of the group/culture one is a part of or associated with. Purpose of socialization: to become a functional part of that culture, so we can work together in an organized way. What happens if you’re not socialized? Instinctual human… no speech abilities, inability to react or interact. Feral children: raised by animals. One girl was found by wolves as an infant was
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Unformatted text preview: technically socialized by the wolves. She ran on all fours, would attack small animals and did everything the wolves did. Isolated children: girl who was tied to a chair for years, person trapped in an attic for years, just put food up there. Institutionalized children: kids growing up in orphanages or possibly mental institutions. Are emotions part of being socialized? Guilt is a good example of an emotion being something that’s part of socialization. If you haven’t been brought up with certain morals or beliefs you will/will not feel guilt about certain situations. :...
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