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Basic principles—a few points Know the difference between procedures and processes o Procedures are descriptions of what someone does o Processes describe functional relationships between behavior and environment Don’t use intentional or value-laden terminology o Reinforcement is when you give a reward to increase appropriate behavior. The motivation of SIB (Carr 1977) o SIB- a behavior that has a high probably of causing tissue damage to one’s own body. Self-scratching Self-hitting Head-banging Self-biting
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Unformatted text preview: Self-pinching Pica – ingesting non-food items. o Prevalence: about 4-5% of “psychiatric” population. More recent estimates = 2-28% • Positive Reinforcement Hypothesis o Time out as successful treatment o Isolation as successful treatment o Increase in SIG with contingent attention o Increase in SIB in the presence of others o Increase in SIB with withdrawal of attn DRLs: differential reinforcement of low rate (schedule) behavior: the reinforcer is delivered contingent on that behavior....
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