Sept7 - his eye to enjoy the optical stimulation I can’t...

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Negative Reinforcement Hypothesis Increase in SIB during aversive demands o An aversive stimulus is removed/withheld as a consequence, making it more likely in the future for the behavior to repeat. (Escape behavior) o SIB can be maintained because it gets rid of things people don’t like. Self-Stimulation Hyp o Tactile, vestibular, and kinesthetic stimulation as necessary, stereotypes and SIB as means to provide that stimulation o Under stimulated humans show SIB o “Default” hypothesis Behavior is operant, if it was social reinforcement I could provide the reinforcement or withhold the reinforcement. If an individual pokes
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Unformatted text preview: his eye to enjoy the optical stimulation, I can’t prove that by connecting/disconnecting the optic nerve. “We’re sure that it is operant, but we can’t prove it… so it MUST be to provide some form of self-stimulation.” There is no other reasonable explanation, so this must be it. Organic Hypothesis • SIB as product of aberrant physical processes o Lesch-Nyhan syndrome: compulsive, repetitive biting of their tongue, lips, and fingers. However, not everyone with LN display SIB Psychodynamic Hypothesis •...
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