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September 16 - behavior o Reinforcement consequences that...

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September 16, 2010 Thursday-Smith and Churchill Next Tuesday- review/catch up (no homework but BE HERE) Thursday- Test two weeks from today! How to construct an analog assessment condition Consider how antecedent events in the environment might function relative to the problem behavior o Discriminative stimuli: events or conditions that may be differentially correlated with a reinforcement contingency o Establishing operations events or conditions that might alter the behavioral effectiveness of consequences and might also alter the momentary likelihood that h=behavior associated with those consequences will occur. Consider how consequent events might function relative to the problem
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Unformatted text preview: behavior o Reinforcement: consequences that result in a long-term effect in which the behavior increases or maintains under similar circumstances • Then, construct conditions that incorporates steps 1,2,3, in such a way as to o Increase the probability of observing behavior maintained by a suspected contingency and o Decrease the probability of observing behavior maintained by any other contingency • Assessing effects of Social Sr+ (social positive reinforcement) o Antecedents Discriminative stimuli • People • Preferred tangible items • Activity related items...
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