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Information Interview

Information Interview - Meredith Martinuzzi March 31st 2010...

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Meredith Martinuzzi March 31 st 2010 PPD 225 Norton Karno: 818.981.3400 Informational Interview on Norton Karno Last week I had the pleasure to have an over the phone interview with a well renowned real estate attorney and investor by the name of Norton Karno. Mr. Karno and I come from similar career interest backgrounds. I found out that like myself as a child, Mr. Karno had an interest for real estate and went to open houses in his neighborhood. He then went on in his life to get an undergraduate degree in business with a concentration in real estate from UCLA, which is similar to the real estate development concentration I hope to focus in my junior year at PPD. After college, Mr. Karno worked at a national CPA firm, while simultaneously attending USC law school at night. After he went on to make his own law practice. On top of being a real estate attorney Mr. Karno also has done some investment work after shying away from the development aspect of real estate. Currently he is working on an investment project in Idaho that he has been doing now for eight years. He claims it has taken this long due to government intervention he
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