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On Beauty papers - Meredith Martinuzzi December 2nd, 2010...

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Meredith Martinuzzi December 2 nd , 2010 ARLT 100 3:30 Section Beauty and Family The pleasure and satisfaction a person gets from the experience of beauty is hard to define. To each it is different but in the film, Edward Scissorhands, Edward himself is able to experience beauty with the help of his families. Edward was a creature created by the inventor, who would be considered his father, in a gothic castle. The family that consisted of his father was a very different from the family Edward got to have later in the film, when he became a somewhat stepchild to Peg’s family, the Boggs. In the film, Edward’s two families, the inventor and the Boggs, contribute in helping Edward experience beauty by creating and understanding the quality, while the families inadvertently experience beauty too with the help of Edward. Edward’s father at the castle, helps Edward to create beauty through art by giving him scissors as hands, which allow him to provide the neighbors in the town with pleasure and satisfaction. When Edward was being created, the inventor first gave Edward scissor hands, before he constructed human hands for him made of wax. At the end of his life, the inventor eventually did build human hands for Edward, but they were destroyed when he collapsed and suddenly died. This ended up serving as a blessing for Edward who was able to use his hands as a tool for cutting hair and making sculptures in the society he entered when he was brought to the town. Without any compensation he
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made his neighbors tree sculptures and cut the housewives hair and even their dog’s hair with intensity and focus. When he was working he would wear a lab coat, which was
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On Beauty papers - Meredith Martinuzzi December 2nd, 2010...

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