Topic propsal - about causing two of the worst genocides in history 3 Audience assessment Audience may know who these two politicians are but do

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Paige Anderson Professor Patterson English Composition 101.093 14 December, 2010 Essay #2 Topic Proposal Provide a brief description of each: 1. Topic/Brainstorming: People who caused genocide Kim Il Sung 1912–94, North Korean political leader, chief of state of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (1948–94) Adolf Hitler's 12 years as ruler of Germany, which led to the deaths of millions in World War II, have made him one of history's most hated villains 2. Purpose (to inform… or to convince…) The purpose is to inform the audience by contrasting the different politician and how they went
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Unformatted text preview: about causing two of the worst genocides in history. 3. Audience assessment: Audience may know who these two politicians are but do not know how they caused the world worst genocide in their own different ways. 4. Writer’s role: To inform the least informed about the difference between the two individuals 5.Preliminary/ Working Thesis: Adolf Hitler and Kim Il Sung are two politicians who caused major genocide in the world they both went about these process in different ways...
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