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List of terms, names, ideas, events, etc., useful in preparation for Part I (matching) on the final exam. Operation Barbarossa Realism Charles Darwin Anschluss Heinrich Himmler Syndicalists Trade Unionism Friedrich Nietzsche Benito Mussolini Imre Nagy and Alexander Dubcek Treaty of Versailles Blackshirts Dada SS (Schutzstaffel) Albert Einstein Vichy Regime Night of the Long Knives Détente
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Unformatted text preview: Existentialism Matthew Arnold Axis Powers Second Vatican Council Balkan Wars Russian Revolution of 1905 Cubism Triumph of the Will Manhattan Project Sigmund Freud Policy of Appeasement The Lost Generation Abstract Expressionism Cuban Missile Crisis Suez Crisis COMECON Schlieffen Plan Operation Overlord Impressionism Nuremberg Trials Five Year Plans gulags Spanish Civil War SALT I...
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