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Frequently Asked Questions for FINDING SUE Where is your office located? Room 3153 in Pao Hall of Visual and Performing Arts. It is on the third floor behind the elevator and the lockers. Where is Pao Hall? Pao Hall is bordered by Marstellar, Sheetz, and Wood Streets. It is south of State St. across from Hawkins Grad House. Use a campus map if you need a visual! What are your office hours? Office hours are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3:30-5. What if I can’t make your office hours? Schedule an appointment with me. I’m very flexible. I e-mailed you 2 days/2 hours/2 minutes ago. Why haven’t you responded yet? While I do check e-mail frequently, I cannot guarantee that I’ll be checking it hourly or even daily in some instances (especially on weekends or while I’m at a conference). I will answer you as quickly as I possibly can, but that may mean a few days may go by without a response. If you responded to a group email, it probably was sent to “noreply,” which would not have reached me. Be sure that it is sent to my email address uhlig@purdue.edu . HOW TO SUCCEED IN THIS CLASS I really want to earn an A in this class, but I don’t have much experience with art. Is it possible to do well in this class? Yes! To succeed in this class, I recommend the following steps: Be open to new experiences and in viewing works of art that seem “weird” or “different.” Come to class. Be on time. Stay the entire class period. Put down the phone and other electronic devices. I love my iPhone too, but there is a time and place for it. Please power down while in the classroom. Be a responsible student who takes charge of your own learning. Take notes and be active with class material. Print the lecture outlines off of Blackboard and utilize them as a note taking resource. Read the text. At the very least, skim the text before class and skim the text after class. Repetition is key to remembering and understanding course material! Ask questions for clarification or if you want to know more about a topic. If you have a question, you’re doing your peers a favor by asking it in class. Respond to questions posed in class. The more active you are with class material, the more you will retain and enjoy the class. Pay attention. Utilize Blackboard for class handouts, class information, and event listings on the calendar. Take advantage of extra credit opportunities. Make a point of meeting with Sue a few times during the semester. Introduce yourself so Sue knows your name. (It may take a few times of doing this, however…) Study for exams using the study guide.
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FAQ%20for%20AD%202552 - Frequently Asked Questions for Sue...

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