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Sue Uhlig, instructor Topics/Readings will be covered in this order. Topic Reading All readings from A World of Art unless otherwise noted A World of Art Ch. 1 pp. 1-18 Developing Visual Literacy Ch. 2 pp. 19-38 Seeing the Value of Art Ch. 3 pp. 40-54 Line Ch. 4 pp. 55-73 Space Ch. 5 pp. 75-92 Light and Color Ch. 6 pp. 93-122 Other Formal Elements Ch. 7 pp. 123-140 Principles of Design Ch. 8 pp. 141-168 Writing About Art The Art of Writing About Art and handout on Blackboard “Writing About Art” Drawing Ch. 9 pp. 169-192 Printmaking Ch. 10 pp. 193-219 Painting Ch. 11 pp. 221-253 Photography and Time Based Media Ch. 12 pp. 254-284 Sculpture Ch. 13 pp. 286-318
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Unformatted text preview: The Crafts as Fine Art Ch. 14 pp. 320-346 Architecture Ch. 15 pp. 347-382 The Design Profession Ch. 16 pp. 384-406 The Ancient World Ch. 17 pp. 408-427 The Age of Faith Ch. 18 pp. 430-449 The Renaissance through the Baroque Ch. 19 pp. 451-471 The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries Ch. 20 pp. 477-496 From 1900 to the Present Ch. 21 pp. 498-525 Important Dates: February 17 Exam I : Covers all material up to February 15 March 14-18 No Class: Spring Break March 24 Exam II: Covers all material from February 22 March 22 April 7 Art Criticism Papers and All Extra Credit Event Papers Due May ______ Final Exam : Covers all material from March 29 to April 28...
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