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Practicing Iconography

Practicing Iconography - perfect sunset by flowing water...

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Iconography 1 Practicing Iconography Iconographic and Symbolic Significance Derek J. Belton Art/101 University of Phoenix Online Rory Tubbs April 18, 2010 The art that has been chosen is a painted pictured of Jesus standing on the edge of a mountain looking to the horizon as the sunsets. The portrait is by Greg Olsen and the title of it is, “Hope on the Horizon”. This is iconography in its truest form. Which, is depicting a subject in the content of the image. The painting is of a definite icon and the image itself, gives hope and
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Iconography 2 inspiration to many. The portrait of Jesus is of symbolic significance and requires the application of iconography. There were a few different roles that the artist cold have taken when developing the artwork. The role that the artist took when making this photo was to make objects and structures more pleasurable by giving it extra beauty and meaning. This would have been a beautiful picture had Jesus not been there looking at the sunset. Most everyone thinks about watching the
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Unformatted text preview: perfect sunset by flowing water with the one they love. With the addition of Jesus, the meaning of the portrait becomes some much more important and has a greater affect on the viewer as well as the photo. There is a symbolic significance of Jesus watching the sunset. One could possibly ask why does Jesus need to watch the sun that he created set. Maybe this is where He went to get serenity after dealing with all of his children’s problems? There could be a great debate over the many different cases of symbolic significance that one could take away from this picture of Jesus on the mountain. The artist does an outstanding job of giving the portrait extra symbolic significance while applying iconography. Reference Greg Olsen. (2009). Retrieved April 18, 2010 from the website: http://gregolsengallery.com/images/products/images/hopeonthehorizon.jpg Iconography 3...
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Practicing Iconography - perfect sunset by flowing water...

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