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Formal Analysis of Art - and it does not have any special...

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In Diego Velazquez painting Las Meninas, there are several different perspectives’ that can be taken away from the portrait. Velazquez makes the most of the space that he is using and everything is well placed and organized. Diego utilized his space similarly to the way that Andrea Mantegna did with “The Dead Christ”. Velazquez used children in front of adults and a kneeling woman to get many people in a small area. The qualities of this particular painting create an effect that makes one wonder, what is going on is this picture. Diego himself is looking to draw something, but why is he doing it in the same room as the bride’s maids? Or, is Diego trying to create the image that is being reflected in the mirror? The most intriguing part is everyone in the art seems to be looking at the same thing. No one truly knows what the individuals in the painting are looking at or focused on and that gives the art a different perspective. Edward Hoppers illustration of Nighthawks on canvas does not have any formal qualities
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Unformatted text preview: and it does not have any special effects. In the reading, this painting is depicted as the normal American that is emotionally isolated. There is a personal belief that anyone could have created this particular piece of artwork. When viewed, it is seen as a few people in a bar downtown after a normal day in the office. The lighting in the portrait is normal and does not stand out or makes one particular individual stand out. There is nothing about this photo that makes one think that an individual in the painting has or is being isolated. For this art to have been more effective there should have been a close up on the persons face with more direct lighting on that one individual. There was also to much outside lighting that takes away from the inside of the building. There were many different ways that Hopper could have made this painting have more formal qualities and special effects....
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