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United States Senator Paper Week 1

United States Senator Paper Week 1 - Reconstruction 1...

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Reconstruction 1 United States Senator Paper Reconstruction Failure HIS/125 University of Phoenix Online Thomas Leamy February 14, 2010 Reconstruction was the period after the Civil War where the southern states were ruined and in the social and economic areas. The radical Republican governments in the South attempted to deal constructively with the problems left by the Civil War and the end of the slavery era. A carpetbagger was a nickname that was given to Northerners who moved to the south. Led by so-called carpetbaggers, scalawags and freedmen, they began to rebuild the Southern economy and society. A scalawag was a southern white that was part of the Republican
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Reconstruction 2 Party. Agricultural production was restored, roads rebuilt, a more equitable tax system was developed and schooling was extended to blacks and poor whites. The freedmen's civil and political rights were guaranteed along with the ability to participate in the political and economic life of the South as full citizens for the first time. This was a huge part of the Reconstruction era after the Civil War ended and President Lincoln’s assignation.
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