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Big Business Report - Pioneer 1 Big Business Report Pioneer...

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Pioneer 1 Big Business Report Pioneer for Big Business Derek J. Belton HIS/125 University of Phoenix Online Thomas Leamy February 28, 2010 After the Reconstruction era, the United States’ economics were changed by the industrial system. Many jobs were being moved from workshops and homes, into factories all over the United States. Many people were losing jobs to these factories. The major pioneers of the “Big Business” were J. Pierpont Morgan, John Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. This report will be about the role J. Pierpont Morgan had in the development of the Big Business. There will be a brief description of J. P. Morgan’s life and the type of businesses he had. The type of
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Pioneer 2 business deals, the level it reached and how this particular business affects society today will also be a part of this report. One of the other main things that will be discussed is the positives and negatives of Big Business in the 19 th century. John Pierpont Morgan was a white republican business man that was born in April of 1837. Morgan’s first work was as an accountant in 1857 and he worked for many New York banking firms (American Experience 1996-2009). The American Experience also states that
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Big Business Report - Pioneer 1 Big Business Report Pioneer...

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