Jim Crow Laws Assignment

Jim Crow Laws Assignment - Affects 1 Jim Crow Laws Affect...

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Affects 1 Jim Crow Laws Affect on African American’s Derek J. Belton HIS/125 University of Phoenix Online Thomas Leamy March 14, 2010 This assignment is to describe the Jim Crow law, when it went into effect, why and it’s affect on African American’s. This law affected the lives of African Americans in many different ways, all of them negative. The rights that were taken from blacks will also be discussed in this paper. The roles of W.E.B. Dubois, Ida B. Wells and Booker T. Washington were a big factor during the Jim Crow law period for African Americans and themselves. For
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Affects 2 many years this law held back black Americans in every southern state and some of the bordering states, and this paper will discuss most of if not all of them. The Jim Crow law was a law that was for black Americans and was in effect from 1876 until 1965. These laws were enforced in both state and local governments according to the New World Encyclopedia. The encyclopedia also states, that this law was put in place to separate black Americans from white American in public places. Those public places included schools, hotels, water fountains, libraries, trains, buses, restaurants, etc. This law also had restrictions on blacks and their ability to vote, mainly through violence. This law surfaced after the reconstruction period when the federal government gave African Americans many of the same
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Jim Crow Laws Assignment - Affects 1 Jim Crow Laws Affect...

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