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AED 201 Question 5 - discussion exercise While speaking...

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<p> The first teacher role that Tangia demonstrated was observing her students that was in the class and still outside the classroom. This is a very important role that the teacher has in the class. If a teacher is not observing the class as students are coming and going there are many bad things that could happen. For example, things could get stolen or a fight could occur. <p> The other role that Tangia demonstrated is the ability to control her class while having a full class
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Unformatted text preview: discussion exercise. While speaking with one student on the subject, she had the ability to get another group of students quiet without stopping the lesson. Having the ability to control behavior problems while in the middle of a lesson is a huge role for the teacher. It also allows the educator to get the most out of a lesson by not having to stop to correct or deal with behavior problems....
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