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American civic values are not really reinforced in many parts of the country. The civic values that are being discussed are seen for the most part in small towns across the country, mainly in the southern states. In small towns everyone knows each other and have more personal relationships with the people they come in contact with on a daily basis. The bigger cities undermine civic values more so than the individual person. Those that live in big cities do not have the same interaction with people as those that live in small towns. The big cities are fast paced and no one really has time to be personal or do a simple good deed for a person that in
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Unformatted text preview: struggling in some aspect of their life. Civic values help the political and civic culture because it makes the leaders of this country have to be personal people. The citizens are responsible for electing the right political figures and every citizen wants to know that who they elect whether it is the mayor, governor, president or county councilmen, they will be a personal leader that they can talk to and depend on. There has never been an occurrence where there was a penalty for failing to adhere to civic values. Civic values have to be upheld by the people and not the local, state or federal government....
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