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Bill of Rights Checkpoint

Bill of Rights Checkpoint - and tried for a crime the...

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After reading the Bill of Rights, the amendment that is the most important to me is the first amendment. This amendment allows me to have the freedom of speech, religion and to petition the government for redress of grievances. The amendment that is the least important to me is the third amendment. It is the least important because in today’s world, I do not have to worry about quartering of soldiers. The old wars such as the Civil war that took place in and around people’s homes caused people like me to have to take in soldiers of the war; because the war was being fought in my back yard. If I were being arrested
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Unformatted text preview: and tried for a crime, the amendment that would be the most important to me would be the Fifth Amendment. This amendment allows me to have a fair trial for the crime that I may or may not have committed. This will also allow me to have due process and not to have life, liberty and property taken from me without the law taking the proper steps. Whether the crime was committed or not, this amendment also keeps me from being held for an infamous crime unless I have been indicted by a grand jury....
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