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After learning about American Government in this course, the U.S. government is still the best in the world even though there are some flaws in its’ system. One of the main flaws that are in this system lies within the judicial system. People commit crimes and do not receive the proper punishment or serve a long enough jail term for that crime. All crimes are serious, but there are some crimes that are more serious than others and the person committing the serious crime tends to get off easy more times than not. The American Government has much strength from top to bottom all across the world. The strength that is most notable within our government is the
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Unformatted text preview: system of checks and balances. The checks and balances system allows one branch of the government to check another branch to make sure that particular branch is operating properly. One aspect of the American Government that needs to be changed is the punishment of criminals that comes from within the judicial system. It just seems that there are many criminals that have too many second, third and fourth chances to commit the same crimes over and over again. Personally, that is the only aspect of our government that one feels needs to be changed. Derek J. Belton...
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