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Defining Democracy Checkpoint

Defining Democracy Checkpoint - education While other...

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Democracy is allowing people to have rights, be free and have the ability to participate within the government. This is why political officials are elected into local, state and federal governments by the citizens of this country. As an individual, democracy means and represents freedom. This type of government allows all people to have the freedom of speech; it also gives people rights and presents us with many opportunities to become successful. Many criticize this type of government for being biased when raising taxes on different entities. For example, in South Carolina some political leaders did not want to raise cigarette taxes to help support
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Unformatted text preview: education. While other government officials thought it would benefit education to bring back video poker. The majority of the citizens felt that education is the most important entity and wanted to raise taxes on cigarettes and bring back video poker to solve all the education budget problems. With the government being biased against both, video poker was not brought back and cigarette taxes were only raised fifty cents and education still has its budget problems. The raising of taxes to help with budget problems or debt whether it’s at the local, state or federal level, people will always be critical of the government for this....
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