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Equality in America Checkpoint - leave the grounds of a...

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Equality in America is not all that it is made out to be, but equality is totally different than it once was. There was a time in America where people were denied many rights because of their nationality, gender and religious belief. In today’s world people are denied things because of the clothes they wear, how they wear their hair, if they are rich or poor, or even fat or skinny. There are some parts of our country where equality has no meaning. For example, there is still racial profiling by police officers that is going on in America. In Greenville, North Carolina a city council woman was arrested for allegedly trespassing and misconduct after she was asked to
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Unformatted text preview: leave the grounds of a convenience store by an officer. The black council woman was arrested by white officers and many believe that she was only arrested because of the position she held and the officers felt that she was not fit to have that title or position. Inequality is only found in the small southern states of America. Equality has evolved to where women have been given the opportunity to hold these high positions, but there are still some southerners that are ignorant and still have a problem with women getting these positions. And that is the reason for a council woman getting arrested for allegedly trespassing and having misconduct....
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