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IDEA 2004 Checkpoint - them for life on their own more...

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The IDEA law has satisfied it purpose and it also has contradicted its purpose in ones opinion. The laws purpose has been satisfied up to this point because it has allowed all students with disabilities to receive an education. The contradiction that has come about from the law is students that have severe disabilities i.e., no ability to comprehend or respond to teaching, have been placed in the public school system as well. This law has an effect on diverse learners because it causes the instructor to have several different teaching styles for all the different students the he or she may have in their classroom. The IDEA 2004 ensures that every child with a disability must receive appropriate public education that will prepare
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Unformatted text preview: them for life on their own, more educational opportunities and potential employment. The Act of 1973 was for individuals with disabilities and those people could not be discriminated against in any field that was related to a federal agency. There is always room for improvement with any situation or law. One main area that could be improved is the curriculum for Special Education students and their classifications. There are many Special Education students that are different classifications but are in the same classrooms learning the same thing. For example, there are resource students that are being placed in small classes with students that are LD or ED. That is just one of many ways that shows there is room for improvement....
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