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Personal Statement Checkpoint

Personal Statement Checkpoint - they remind me of them all...

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My personal behavior, attitude and values are influenced tremendously by my ethnicity. For many years people have felt that the majority of African Americans have poor values, a sorry attitude about many different things and did not know how to carry themselves while in public. That is a very true statement when speaking of most blacks males in America. These types of statements are the reason my personal behavior, attitude and values are influenced by my ethnicity. In order to be successful in today’s world, one must have a great attitude about everything. Many blacks do not have a great attitudes and that motivates me to keep from being mentioned as, “just another sorry black male with a bad attitude”. I am constantly on my children and my students about having a positive attitude about everything. I always tell them to try and start your day with a great attitude and your day with one. My mother and grandmother instilled great values in me while I was growing up and
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Unformatted text preview: they remind me of them all the time. Being a hard worker and a positive influence for someone else are my most important values. If I am not working hard, then I cannot provide for my family. I also want my children and students to see me as an influence to them. Some black males are hard workers and have an influence on others and I want to take the influence a step forward. With me working around many students, I want my values, attitude and behavior to influence them. Personal behavior for me is how well you carry yourself in public and around other people. The majority of black males talks and acts any kind of way while in public that is embarrassing at times. These actions has inclined me to want to act civilized and be courteous of others. These are just of few ways in which my ethnicity has influenced my behavior, attitude and values....
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