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Sexual Harassment Scenario Checkpoint AED 204

Sexual Harassment Scenario Checkpoint AED 204 - the...

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1. Is this incident simply a schoolboy prank, or is this sexual harassment? This is not a schoolboy prank, it is clearly sexual harassment. When the boys began to put their hands on the girls and by pulling on their bra from the back, it became sexual harassment. 2. Should the boys involved be punished? If so, what should the punishment be? The boys that are involved should definitely be punished. I think they should be suspended from school for a day or two. A situation like this could turn into a very bad situation in a hurry if it is not handled correctly. One of these boys could potentially end up raping someone. Even if they are punished, there is still a chance that one of these students could potentially rape someone. 3. Should this incident be limited to the class, or should the principal and parents be notified? The principal and parents should definitely be notified. This is a serious situation that has
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Unformatted text preview: the potential to get worse. If the teacher withholds this information, he or she could possibly lose their job. 4. Should Ms. Reid turn the incident into a learning situation for the entire class? If she does so, how should she do it? What can the class learn from the incident? This should be an incident that Ms. Reid presents to the class as a learning situation. Without revealing who the students are, she can discuss what would happen to a student if he or she were to sexually harass another student, whether it be a boy, girl, physically or mentally. The class can learn the harm this type of incident can cause someone and the amount of trouble one could get into by being involved as the instigator of this type of incident....
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