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AED 204 Adolescent Suicide Checkpoint

AED 204 Adolescent Suicide Checkpoint - issues usually have...

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The main causes of adolescent suicides are family problems, drug abuse and depression. These things have an enormous effect on adolescents and their self-esteem. If a student is having family issues, this could potentially lead to depression and drug abuse. Any of these issues could trigger the other problems and lead to suicide. Some of the warning signs of depression could be change in weight, no interaction with other students, negative statements about themselves, etc. Adolescents that have drug abuse
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Unformatted text preview: issues usually have bruise marks on their body where veins are, cutting school, dizziness, and irritated eyes and sneezing or coughing. Some of these same signs could relate to the students having family problems. These are all serious issues that everyone should be aware of to help with the prevention of adolescent suicide....
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