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The Life of a Special Education Teacher

The Life of a Special Education Teacher - educators’...

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The video and reading gives different ways in which teachers interact with severely disabled students. The educator in the video feels that it is very important to be non-judgmental of the students and to celebrate the progress that they have made within the classroom, even if the progress is minimal. She feels that these actions help with the development of the students that have a disability more so than lessons that are used to collect data. The teacher from the reading likes to do small group or individual activities to collect performance data on the students; which is important to the state assessment portfolio and individual objectives. Both
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Unformatted text preview: educators’ interactions with the student are very beneficial to the student. In these teachers field of work, there are a few different types of intellectual disabilities that they may come across in their field of work. The different intellectual disabilities are Down’s syndrome, Fetal Alcohol, Fragile-x, Prader-Willi and Angelman Syndrome. These are all intellectual disabilities and some are considered to be moderate, severe and profound. There are some cases where a student could have multiple intellectual disabilities. Educators must understand that students with these disabilities will have a very weak ability to learn....
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