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Your Cultural Identity Check Point

Your Cultural Identity Check Point - work ethic and desires...

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This chart tells others about me that I appear to be an average American. It also shows the similarities between me and other males, other people that are in my age group and people that are married. The economic class that represents me gives people an idea of what my yearly salary could be and where I live. I am very happy with my identity and I do not feel that there is one particular thing that rules my life that is on this chart. My children and wife rule my life. They are the reason for my
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Unformatted text preview: work ethic and desires. There are currently no changes that I would like to or feel that I need to make to my life. Knowing how my life is currently going and judging by the chart, I think I will be in good shape for a few more years. After those few years are up, my family and I will be in a better situation....
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