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Within the planning pyramid there are goals that contain verbs from Bloom’s Taxonomy for teaching. The goals that contain some of the verbs are what some students will learn, what most students will learn and what all students should learn. Remembering and understanding are verbs that should help clarify what some students will learn. The verbs that should be attached to what most students should learn is applying and analyzing the information. All students should learn and have the ability to create and evaluate the information from the planning pyramid. The adaptations that are within the pyramid are very relative to the systematic teaching
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Unformatted text preview: strategies. When the students are put into different groups, the educator is using instructional grouping to help the students with the understanding of the information. It also helps the students with their content presentation and provides additions practice when the kids have study buddies to get ready for their quizzes and test. To help with the monitoring of the students progress, there is a weekly quiz and unit test that are given. The most helpful tool to determine if the students are making progress is the vocabulary flash cards and the journal that written that tells what the student has learned....
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