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AED 222 Capstone Checkpoint

AED 222 Capstone Checkpoint - much teacher to student...

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With Special Education, I believe that the greatest strength of the program is also the biggest weakness. Every child that has a disability is given the right to receive an education and that is the greatest strength of the program. The government has made a point that there will be no child left behind and this has allowed more funding into the special education program. While the funding for special education has increased it has decreased at the same time. The more students with disabilities that are in public schools’ special education program, there is a need for more teachers and teaching assistants. When this happens, classes become larger, there is not as
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Unformatted text preview: much teacher to student interaction and the class may even seem like a regular education setting. The biggest weakness of special education is when class size becomes an issue and teacher to student ratio becomes smaller. These two things have a negative effect on the education of the special needs students. The opportunity for the students to learn is still available, but the likeliness that the kids will receive the attention needed to learn has dropped enormously. Even with the strength of special education being “No Child Left Behind”, that is also the programs biggest weakness....
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