AED 222 Channelling Students Into A Gifted Program

AED 222 Channelling Students Into A Gifted Program -...

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In most every school in America, there is a gifted and talented program. With this, there needs to be a protocol for channeling students into these programs. There are many different ways that students can make their way into the program. Most schools that have the programs offer performance test that will determine if a student is gifted. Even if the student does not do well on this assessment test; there are a few other ways the student can become labeled as gifted. If a student is not deemed gifted by the passing of a certain test, he or she can be nominated into the program by parents, teachers, and other students or even by a self-
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Unformatted text preview: nomination. Early intervention can help one obtain the gifted status at an early age. The early intervention comes when someone has noticed that a child has the ability to read at an early age or the ability to solve problems. These students that are gifted will have many different experiences while in the gifted program. The content will be more advanced and more complex than that of the normal students, the instruction by the teachers will be at a higher level and will have to learn at a faster pace. These are just a few examples of what students will face while in te gifted program....
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