AED 222 IEP Checkpoint

AED 222 IEP Checkpoint - IEP are Stars’ general education...

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When educators call for an IEP meeting, there are many individuals that can be present at this meeting. The people that are present at Star’s meeting are the Special Education teacher, an interpreter and the speech-language pathologist. The teacher is there to discuss with the pathologist and interpreter what the students’ behavior actions are in the classroom, how she works and how these actions may vary from day to day. The speech pathologist is there to speak of how they work together to help Star in as many ways as possible. Sometimes they have the opportunity to co-teach with some students and at other times they would evaluate each other to try and find better ways to help the student. The other educators that could be involved in this
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Unformatted text preview: IEP are Stars’ general education teachers, if she has more than one. The general education teacher gives the pathologist and the special education feedback on how Star is in a regular education environment. Some of the feedback that is given by the regular education teacher could be behavior, how the student works with other students that do not have an IEP and the students’ work habits without extra help. It is very important for these educators to work together for the sake of the student. This is why special education students have an IEP team and are not trying to build an educational plan on their own....
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