Differences in Socioeconomic Status Checkpoint

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There are many socioeconomic factors that impact the school’s dance scenario. The three that stand out the most are the attire that is planned for the dances, the parents that are provoking the other students and the administrators of the school for allowing these things to go on. With these three factors, this scenario could be totally different. Everyone within the school and the community knows and understands the majority of the students cannot afford or do not have a coat and tie for the dances that are being put on. This is obviously a poor community and it seems to be a slap in the face of the parents by the school staff by having the attire as it is. So, what is the purpose for saying that this is a coat and tie affair? The worst part of this situation is the parents of the three eighth graders that wore tuxedos to the dance. Those parents were basically telling the other students and their parents, we have more money than
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Unformatted text preview: you and we do not want to wear a coat and tie and be viewed as the same! When the parents should have told their kids, this is just a middle school dance and it is not a big deal to wear tie and a nice sports coat or a blazer. That is how some parents are and that is where the administration needs to step in. The first time these students wore the tuxedos; there was not much they could have done about the situation. As the rumor mill began to circulate, the administrators should have had a meeting with these parents and told them that it would not be a good idea to rent tuxedos and unnecessary limousines for a middle school dance. Many people may say that, you cannot tell someone how to spend or what to do with their money. In a situation like this where there is many that have low a socioeconomic status; there is no need for flaunting by parents through their children at a middle school dance....
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