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Axia College Material Appendix I Sedimentary Rock Identification Full Name Derek Belton Date 11-22-2010 Examine the images of the five rocks. Identify as many characteristics as possible and enter the information in the table below. Based upon the observed characteristics, identify each specimen in the last column of the table. You may want to refer to Table 5.1 in Geoscience Laboratory (p. 92). Submit the completed Appendix in the Individual forum. Rock Specimen 1. 2 3. 4.
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5. Rock Identification Specimen number Detrital – particle size?
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Unformatted text preview: Organic – constituents? Chemical – minerals? Descriptive Physical Properties Rock Name Example Organic, Fossils Fossils ‘floating’ in opaque mud fossiliferous limestone 1. Detrital Fissle; slick when wet Shale 2. Detrital Fragments show no signs of abrasions Limestone Breccia 3. Chemical Brown bands resemble tree rings Travertine 4. Chemical Cubic cleavage apparent; salty taste Rock Salt 5. Detrital Round pebbles I sandstone; looks like concrete Conglomerate...
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  • Rock Identification, Specimen number example, Date Derek Belton, Limestone Breccia Travertine, rings Cubic cleavage

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glg101r2_appendix_i_rock_identification - Organic –...

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