GLG 101 Deserts Glaicers Assignment

GLG 101 Deserts Glaicers Assignment - Deserts, Glaciers and...

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Deserts, Glaciers and Climate Assignment Desert landscapes are composed of sand and the weather is very windy. There are many desert landforms that have been produced due to weathering and erosion. Within the desert landscape, there are rocks that have a different hardness and strength that will weather at a different rate that has produced an unbelievable desert landscape. The rocks that have been created within this landscape have angled features that are made from the lack of rain which caused chemical weathering. With rainfall being very minimal in the desert, gullies and scarps are created within the landscape due to flash flooding. Another feature of the desert that is very typical is the sand dunes. These dunes appear as a beautiful structure but also serve as an indicator of the wind direction. The wind also plays an enormous role in the development of the desert landscape. In the desert sediments are carried by the wind, which causes structures that are made of sediments and other rocks to erode and abrade. When this takes place, more sediment is produced by the wind.
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