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Fossil Fuels and Minerals Checkpoint Deceased organisms such as plants and animals are natural resources that form fossil fuels. Two major organisms that settled in large quantities in the sea floor were zooplankton and phytoplankton. These organic matters were mixed in with mud and were buried under sediment over many years. Due to the high level of pressure and heat, they were chemically altered forming a waxy material. This is one of the many in which some minerals are formed. The crystallization of magma as it is cooling is a way that minerals are formed. With water evaporating, salt minerals are formed. There are old minerals that can be altered to create new minerals. An example of this, when old minerals are exposed to excessive pressure and heat they are then changed and a new mineral is formed. Minerals can also be formed naturally through chemical composition, specific physical properties and atomic structure.
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Unformatted text preview: Coal is a form of fossil fuel that is created through land foliage that has decayed over many years. Dead organism can also create our most valuable resource, which is oil. Oil and natural gas are both formed on the sea floor that comes from similar dead organisms. Resources can and are formed in other areas such as the Earth’s crust. Diamonds is a mineral that comes from the Earth’s crust and is formed from carbon. Carbon is produced through melted rocks in the upper mantle of the Earth. There is a higher temperature in the upper mantle that causes the carbon atoms to go deeper into the crust, where the result is melting. A new rock is then formed as the temperature cools. Even though the diamonds are creating from this process, many thousands of years will pass before they ever reach the surface of the Earth....
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