GLG 101 Fossils and the Geologic Column Checkpoint

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Fossils and the Geologic Column Checkpoint How do fossils help in determining the relative age of strata? Are the three different localities around the same relative age? Fossils are used to determine the age of strata because the fossils are made up of hard parts that have preserved the imprints that could include animal tissues such as skin or feathers or the flowers and leaves of plants. The three localities are basically the same age. There is
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Unformatted text preview: worldwide correlation that allows the filling of gaps in geological record. What periods are the fossils from in Figure 3.6? What does this say about the area in Figure 3.6? The fossils are from the nineteenth century. This tells us that the area of figure 3.6 covers about 29 miles and shows that strata are the same over that area....
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