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GLG 101 Study of Earth Checkpoint

GLG 101 Study of Earth Checkpoint - throughout time...

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Geology is the study of our planet and it has three systems and branches. The three systems are isolated, closed and open. The majority of systems that are involved with geology are open. The easiest system for any of us to understand is the isolated system. The reason for this, the systems’ boundaries does not allow an exchange between matter and energy with the surroundings. There are no isolated systems in the real world. With the closed system, it allows exchange of energy but not matter. The open system, there is an exchange of matter and energy across all of its boundaries. The three branches of geology are physical, historical and visualizing. Physical geology deals with the understanding of the process that goes on inside the earth, and the materials that it operates upon. Whereas historical geology has to do with the events that have taken place
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Unformatted text preview: throughout time answering the questions like when the oceans formed and when did mountains rise. By combining physical and historical geology, we have visual geology. This geology helps everyone understand the theories and findings of historical and physical geology. Based on German philosopher’s findings, the solar system was formed from a swirling cloud of gas and interstellar dust. Many believe that this is why the outer planets contain more ice and gas, while the inner planets are rocky. Uniformitarianism is related to the evolution of the Earth and the solar system because the present is the key to the past. The way the universe is operating today, is the same way that it operated millions of years ago....
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