GLG 101 Visualizing Geology Checkpoint

GLG 101 Visualizing Geology Checkpoint - occurs Just as we...

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Visualizing Geology Checkpoint The importance of the science of geology to our civilization is very significant to our existence in the world that we live in as we know it. Understanding geology and its’ science, our architects know where they can have major construction for residential and commercial use. For example, the San Andreas Fault which has main points that have regular earthquakes and some points that do not have regular quakes. Knowing this information through the study of geology, has allowed California to build big cities near this dangerous fault. As we all know, there have been many earthquakes in the area of the San Andreas Fault that has not been very damaging to the area as a whole. Studying geology has allowed us to construct buildings and homes that can withstand or have minimal damage when an earthquake
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Unformatted text preview: occurs. Just as we study geology to learn how to deal with earthquakes, we also use this study to help deal with erosion. Erosion is a natural process but is affected by the way we use land. Through the study of geology, we have learned which regions will erode faster than others. This study has also taught us how to use wetlands for residential and commercial use. Along the shores of lakes and oceans, there is an enormous amount of erosion that can take place with wave activity. Many residential and commercial sites that lie along lake and ocean shores have retaining walls that eliminate erosion. Without the study of geology and how it works, our civilization would not be what it is today....
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