GLG 101 Water Impacts Checkpoint

GLG 101 Water - transport of water through the atmosphere groundwater which is located beneath the surface and how it makes it way to the surface

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Water Impacts Checkpoint There are many different areas that distribute water throughout the Earth and the amounts of water vary. Water comes in many different forms other than rain, oceans and rivers. Even though there are times where there is more rainfall or months without any rain fall, the amount of water on Earth does not change. This is due to the hydrologic cycle, where the water that is on Earth is in a continuous cycle. In this cycle, water has to be distributed among land, oceans and in our atmosphere. Within this cycle, water goes through many different stages. The stages include evaporation, condensation, precipitation and transpiration. The other part of the hydrologic cycle includes the
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Unformatted text preview: transport of water through the atmosphere, groundwater which is located beneath the surface and how it makes it way to the surface and the runoff. The most important part of the cycle is the amount of fresh water and where it is located. The fresh water is located or stored in rocks and sediments that are below the Earth’s surface. This cycle is important to Earth because if there are changes within the cycle, there can be major climate changes, what that is inside ice sheets will melt, sea levels will rise and there will be more severe weather with extreme conditions....
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