MTH 157 9.4-9.6 Checkpoint

MTH 157 9.4-9.6 Checkpoint - 2.) 776 and 406 4.) 39 8.) 24...

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Sections 9.4 – 9.6 Checkpoint Section 9.4 2.) 1/2 8.) 1/2 36.) $13,351 38.) Yes 48.) $3.50 Section 9.5 2.) a.) Not to be normally distributed. This is unfair because the students of the wealthy parents are not getting their fair share due to the fact that the other students that are not children of the parents are getting the same share as the students that are children of the wealthy parents. b.) Fair. Each individual student would be given the amount of money that is based on the measurement number that they came up with. c.) Fair. The score that the students receive would be based on their own knowledge. d.) Fair. These students’ weights are based on their eating and exercise habits. 8.) 12.) 14% 14.) 20.) 1/20 Section 9.6
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Unformatted text preview: 2.) 776 and 406 4.) 39 8.) 24 10.) 26.) 720 28.) The student understood that the die had 6 on it in one spot and that there was a 1/6 th of a chance of rolling 6. The misunderstanding came into play when the student had two add the chances up and there was a need to reduce the fraction of the probability. 38.) 64,800. Ch. 9 Review 2.) a.) 1/4 b.) and c.) and 1/4 d.) 1/4 12.) 96 The standard that relates to the content that is studied this week is from grades 3-5. This standard allows one to determine the probability of outcomes of familiar situations. The other standard comes from grades 6-8 and allows proportions of probability concepts to make test conjectures through simulations....
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MTH 157 9.4-9.6 Checkpoint - 2.) 776 and 406 4.) 39 8.) 24...

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